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Pioneering the Future of the Stone Industry​

Experience the future of stone countertop fabrication with ARRTSM, a groundbreaking force bringing unprecedented innovation to the industry. Our unique system merges advanced automation, intelligent design, and state-of-the-art technology to set new benchmarks in stone product fabrication.

At the heart of ARRTSM is our 5th Generation Autonomous Machining Robots. Equipped with sensors and cameras, these robots precisely locate and work with pieces, ensuring a level of accuracy that truly sets us apart. These intelligent systems can also detect problems with the material, providing real-time quality control that guarantees the highest standards in our products.

In addition, ARRTSM uniquely combines the capabilities of a saw, waterjet, and CNC into one efficient system. By eliminating the need to create different programs or move pieces around the shop, we offer an optimized, streamlined process that reduces error opportunities and increases efficiency.

Last but not least, our robust inventory management system fully utilizes every slab, even down to the remnants. We transform these leftover pieces into attractive, sellable items listed on our nationwide e-commerce platform. This strategy demonstrates our commitment to resource conservation, sustainability, and broadening our sales horizons.

Our innovative approach extends beyond fabrication. We’ve integrated AI capabilities with e-commerce, delivering precise, real-time quotes, and dispatching approved orders directly to production. This seamless process from start to finish means faster delivery times and unrivaled product quality.

At ARRTSM, we’re not just crafting countertops – we’re pioneering the future of the stone industry, delivering unmatched excellence, one slab at a time.

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