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Autonomous Factory to Production Of Drones

We are pleased to introduce our digital factory solution for drone technology, bringing together our expertise in digital manufacturing and drone solutions for commercial and humanitarian applications. This partnership holds great potential to advance the capabilities and efficiency of drone technology.


The time-consuming process of manufacturing drones with curved 3D surfaces defined by aerodynamic principles is a challenge for many manufacturers. The complexity of manufacturing drones with intricate designs and aerodynamic features can lead to longer production times and higher costs. Due to the complex curve system, it took two days to produce a single drone using the manual process.


In 2021, Wingcopter approached us and suggested a joint project to introduce a digital factory solution for drone technology to address the challenges of the drone manufacturing industry. Arrtsm designed a fully autonomous digital factory solution to address the aerodynamically efficient surface challenges faced by manufacturers. Arrtsm introduced an autonomous multitasking solution using a single robotic system with an advanced gripper and feeder system. Our CE -certified system is soundproof and manages dust through an advanced dust absorber. The safety levels, including algorithms and hardware, make the system easier to operate. Our trainings not only promote the skills of engineers, but also non-engineers who can easily operate our system as our software does most of the process automatically.


The highly efficient self-calibrating robotic system with a sensor-driven automatic feeder integrated with ARRTSM’s software increases drone production rates. Now drones are produced in two hours instead of two days of manual labor, exponentially increasing production rates and improving capacity to accept new customer orders. The system offers the ability to mill the drone on both sides using different work areas, which is the system’s optimal solution. The inclusion of a mobile app and software that provides a real overview of the production from anywhere in the world increases the convenience and accessibility of the process.