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About us

ARRTSM autonomous Factory is your manufacturing facility that utilizes advanced robotics, automation, and digital technologies to operate without human intervention. These factories are designed to optimize production processes, increase efficiency, maintain the highest possible industry standard and quality, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Technology/AI in Robotics Pack

Engineering and Services

Our decade long expertise’s in autonomous Robotics, helps our Valuable customers form the beginning of engineering till the service, these are two critical components in the development, production, and maintenance of our robotic system.

  • Factory and Process Planning
  • Engineering
  • Project Cost calculation
  • Software Solutions
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Simulation
  • Cycle Time Calculation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Digital Twins
  • Application

USP of Autonomous
Robotic Digital Factories

Batch size one

Thanks to our advanced technology, our system can operate up to a batch size of one, enabling highly efficient production of customized, individual items on-demand.

Fifth Generation robots

Cutting-edge AI-powered machines that exhibit advanced perception, decision-making, and mobility capabilities, revolutionizing various industries with their unparalleled efficiency and adaptability.

Cost Reduction

Automation reduces labor costs and optimizes resource utilization. Predictive maintenance can minimize machine downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Data-driven decision-making

The availability of real-time data and advanced analytics enables informed decision-making, process optimization, and continuous improvement.

Improved safety

Robots can handle hazardous tasks, reducing the risk of injuries to human workers. Sensors and AI algorithms can also detect potential safety hazards in real-time and take preventive measures.

Increased productivity and efficiency

By leveraging automation and advanced technologies, these factories can operate at high speeds with consistent quality, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Our Projects

Customers & Co-operation Partners

Collaborate for Success

Explore partnership opportunities with us and unlock the potential of Pay Per Use/Fintech models, batch size 1 production, and access to engineering/patent licenses for technology transfer. Join forces to revolutionize manufacturing and drive innovation in a collaborative ecosystem.